The Thorn


Life’s great for Lylon Porter, valedictorian of his senior class, and dating the prettiest girl in school. Some would say he has everything. But things weren’t meant to last. 

The Thorn, a hostile alien race, invade the planet to take resources. People begin to disappear, humanity starts fighting each other, and everything is in a state of chaos. The Thorn suggests a way to bring people back, and wishing orbs with the power to bring people back from the dead appear around the world. Lylon hopes he won’t need to find an orb, but with thousands dying every second, it might not be long before someone he cares about meets a terrible fate. Will acquiring the coveted orb solve Lylon’s problem, or will he have to deal with far more than he bargained for. Some say, “Be careful what you wish for!” And they’re absolutely right.