Joseph Noll is an American Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Young Adult author.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Noll never could have imagined what his writing journey would turn into. After being diagnosed with Dyslexia in the third grade, Noll was placed into Multisensory Teaching Approach classes to help him succeed. Instead of accepting his difficulties, Noll wanted nothing to do with them, and decided from then on, he would hate even the idea of reading and writing. After being pushed by his parents and teachers for months and years, Noll’s ability to read had become easier for him. By the time he made it to high school, Noll had an appreciation for literature.

In high school, Noll began to brainstorm ideas for novels but still didn’t have enough motivation to make any of his ideas a reality. During his sophomore year, the idea for his debut novel, The Thorn, was conceived, but he still didn’t put the pen to paper. Finally in his senior year, after pondering all his ideas, Noll decided to sit down and begin writing his first novel, The Thorn.

Now, Noll is working on his bachelor’s degree, while also trying to make his author dream become a reality. When not writing or working on schoolwork, Noll can be found on the tennis court, hiking, camping, or playing video games.